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Work with your tutor from home to learn a new skill or develop an existing one! Tutors can explain tricky concepts using screen sharing allowing you to take control of the latest music software. 

Following a free consultation with one of our team we'll put together a set of engaging, educational and exciting lessons just for you!

Tuition available:

  • Singing

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Electric guitar

  • Bass guitar

  • Drums

  • Piano

  • Song writing

  • Music production

  • Video editing

To enquire about lessons for you or your child please email us at info@thesoundemporium.co.uk


First 3 lessons 20% off


1hour £24 (standard price £30)

30minutes £14 (standard price £17.50)

Introductory offer available to new and existing customers!

Meet our team of online tutors... we've gone digital!


Multi Instrumentalist, music producer and studio engineer


Vocals, song writing and 

performance coach 

Online Tuition