MUSIC SHOULD NOT be rolled out on a never ending conveyor belt in our throwaway society. We need to invest in artists that have absolute raw passion for music, with the dare, drive and dedication to make it happen. Dig deep, remember those songs that excited us as they exploded onto our ear drums the very first time we heard them and the classics we hold close and have listened to a thousand times, THIS MUSIC creeps into every corner of your mind and lingers long after the song has finished. Whatever genre, whatever era truly great music is immortal.


NUCLEAR RECORDS: label. Management of unique inspired young artists. 


Nuclear Records Services 


Here at nuclear Records we offer a consultancy service for young musicians about to embark on their journey into the music industry. When starting out with aspirations of success and rock n' roll stardom something becomes very apparent, the one thing you know about the music industry is that, in truth you don’t know anything about it. You have so many unanswered questions but with no one to answer them. With time, dedication and hard work you will find the answers but the bitter reality is that by the time you do, you have probably already spent too much time focusing and investing in the wrong areas,  your window of opportunity is now closed. Inevitably you will join the millions that make up the 90.7% of undiscovered artists worldwide. 




Note. The mainstream and mega acts you see on the TV make up only 1.1% of worldwide musicians but they account for over 90% of all the income generation and digital following.

Question: You want to be one of the megastars ? 


Answer: Your mathematical chances of success are only 0.2% !! It’s a hard dream smashing reality to face. But if despite this your gonna fight for your dreams, then you maybe you do have what it takes! Now Your commited to your musical aspirations you  need to know the knowledge, build the plan and be given a little nudge it the right direction. You undoubtedly have questions like this:


I have some good songs/ideas but are they commercially viable? 

How do I work with professional songwriters?

How do I choose the correct studio to produce my music? 

Do I need a studio engineer, a producer or a mastering engineer? 

Which song do I release first ? 

Which platform do I release my music on? 

Do I need music videos to all my tracks ?

Where should I gig? Is it more gigs the better? 

How do I get to work with session musicians? 

How do I get my music in front of the people who matter ? 

Should I self release or look for that elusive record deal? 

How do I tell between the real record deals and the opportunistic money makers? 

How do I copywrite my tracks, what is PRS and how do I collect royalties ? 

How do I market and advertise my music? 

Can I make money from my music without being famous?


For the answers you can apply to visit us at 'the studio' for a consultation. We will talk you through your questions and help you realise your place as a Artist within the industry whilst helping you build a bespoke plan of how to take your first important steps. We can then offer advice and/or solutions to help you achieve these steps from our extensive tried and tested ‘Little black book’. 


60 min Consultation  £60.00

120 min consultation  inclu. written plan of next step £100.00 

120 min consultation  inclu. comprehensive report £250.00 


To apply please email us in no more than 50 words why 'The Music Industry' needs you.  Only attach a maximum of one audio/visual file, it will help your application. 


Please note  we do not respond to all applications for this service. During a consultaion you may be required to sign a non disclosure agreement if we are showing unreleased or pre-production materials.